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Stylish clothes for kids girls

1. Sports style: kids’ apparel and accessories that are a sports-inspired styles for both boys and girls; football, playing cartoon, cricket characters are printed on frocks, and top bottom set.

2. Nature fashion: Now a day’s denim skirts have natural floral printed on it. Kids’ apparel and accessories that are nature-inspired styles for girls and boys. Environment friendly khadi is also trending for frocks and tops.

frocks one piece cotton
frocks for girls

3. Double layer dress: these days A monochrome t-shirt layer up with shirt/jacket. Layering up on garment is new trend in this autumn/winter.

4. Asymmetrical styles: this style was in women’s fashion for quite some time, now it is trending in kids wear.

5. Stripes: the stripes t-shirts are evergreen design in style. Vertical stripes in multicolor are making a comeback into the design.

6. Denim: denim is in style for ever for kids and adults. it is timeless. Denim jacket, denim jeans, denim shoes are in trend.

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