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Is it right or wrong to put oil in children's ears?

When a baby is born at home, the baby's grandmother is very active. Then, one by one, the grandmother starts making remedies from the woman's purse. Then, today's generation, however, no longer believes in those drug treatments. Today's generation thinks according to current generation. Earlier, oil was put in the baby's ears. It is said that oil should be added to clean the baby's ears. This removes the wax from the baby's ear along with the oil and cleans the baby's ears. But, is it the right thing to do? Is it right or wrong to put oil in baby's ears? We are going to answer this question today.

Should you put oil in baby's ears or not?

Often we clean our ears with buds. But, you cannot put buds in baby's ears. Because baby's ears are very delicate. Their ears are more prone to damage. So it is not suitable to wear buds in the ears. So, how to clean baby's ears? Then you can clean the baby's ears. You can clean the baby's ears by applying warm oil in the baby's ears. But, it is equally important to take precautions while doing so.

Should you put oil in baby's ears or not?
Should you put oil in baby's ears or not?

What precautions should be taken?

  • The oil put in the baby's ear should be warm. It should not be too hot. It is very important to take care of this.

  • After putting the oil in the ear, clean the ear with a cotton swab with a separate hand.

  • Do not use anything in the baby's ears to clean the ears.

  • Ears should be cleaned slowly and carefully.

  • If the baby moves while cleaning the ears, stop cleaning the ears in time. Otherwise the possibility of injury cannot be ruled out.

  • Do not put oil in the ears of very young babies.

  • Do not put oil in the ears of babies younger than six months or one year.

What can happen when cleaning the ears?

May cause injury

If hot oil is applied to the ears of babies, the possibility of injury to the eardrum cannot be ruled out. Also cleaning the ear with pins can injure the membrane. This can tear the membrane. So don't put pins or other things in the ears.

The eardrum may rupture

Each person's eardrum is very delicate. So it is more likely to tear. It is more likely to tear even if it gets a little shock. It can also cause deafness.

Bruising and pus

The eardrum is more prone to injury and pus in the ear. A baby or any person can become deaf if it gets into the ear.


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