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How to take care of baby's hygiene in rainy season?

baby's hygiene in rainy season
baby's hygiene in rainy season

A newborn baby's immune system is weak. Therefore, babies get sick more often. So the parents of that baby hope that the baby should be safe as much as possible. Specially, the baby needs more and special care during monsoon. Especially during the rainy season, it is very important to take care of the baby's hygiene to protect them from diseases and infections. In rainy season, the risk of skin diseases, stomach diseases, cold-cough, fever etc. increases. In the meantime, to take care of the baby's hygiene, you can follow the important things mentioned below to help the baby stay healthy.

Keep the baby's body clean

During the rainy season, the risk of infection and diseases increases in the baby's body. Therefore, the baby sweats more due to humidity during monsoon. Sweating can cause itchy skin, rashes, or baby rashes. Therefore, the baby's body should be cleaned daily during the rainy season. Due to the change in weather, the baby should be bathed in warm water instead of cold water. Instead of bathing the baby every day, you can wipe it with a sponge.

Consider baby clothes

Special care should be taken to ensure that children's clothes are clean during monsoons. Also, increasing the humidity in the environment increases the growth of germs. Germs can enter the body through children's clothing. Change baby's clothes at least twice a day during rainy season. Apart from this, the baby should wear comfortable cotton clothes. Also, children's clothes should be washed and dried well.

Clean your baby's nails

Babies constantly put their fingers in their mouths. Therefore, it is very important to keep the nails of babies clean. Because there is dirt in the nails, as babies put the nails in their mouths, all the dirt goes into the stomach. Also, dirt entering the stomach can cause infection in the baby's stomach. Stomach infection can cause stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea in the baby. Keep baby's nails clean to avoid these problems. Clean the dirt from it and cut it when the nails grow longer.

Keep changing baby's diapers
Keep changing baby's diapers

Keep changing baby's diapers

During rainy days, due to moisture or wetness, skin infections are frequent. The infection causes the baby to develop a rash. So, if the diaper gets wet, change it immediately. For this reason, you need to check your baby's diaper from time to time. Change diapers immediately after they become wet. Wet diapers can also cause colds in the baby, so take special care during rainy season.

Follow these tips

  • Keep the baby's room clean and beautiful.

  • Place a net on the window of the room to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

  • After feeding the baby, wipe the baby's mouth with a clean cloth.

  • Dress the baby in cotton and loose clothing.

  • Choose only cotton fabric for baby.

By taking care of your newborn baby's hygiene, you can save him from monsoon diseases. Follow these tips and consult a doctor immediately if you experience symptoms of the disease.


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