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Here is Why you should wash new Kids wear before wearing it

Clothing dyes in fabric

Dyes maybe allergic especially to babies. Synthetic fibers are dyes. Prevent chemical allergic reaction. When one tries clothes there is chance to spread bacteria, pathogen, fungus, germs from one to another child. It can cause

1. Patch on skin

2. Rashes

3. Dry skin

4. Itchiness

wash kids clothes before wearing it
why you should wash kids clothes before wearing it

Chemical Irritants (Several kids may have tried the clothes)

When we buy clothes from shop you are not sure how many people before you have tried it. New clothes should washed to remove the chemical that manufacturers put on clothes to enhance color. If you have sensitive skin, you can develop a rash especially in constant contact areas. There may be odor remain in kids wear until it is washes.

Protect your baby's skin from a rash

Babies are sensitive to chemicals, so skin rashes can occur. Use a detergent that is fragrance-free because detergent dyes can also cause skin reactions. In addition to that, washing new clothes for children will make them more comfortable to wear.

How can I Reduce Chemicals Exposure used in color

The bottom line is you may have not saw any health issue by not washing clothes before wearing , but rashes ,irritation cause discomfort. New clothes will not soak the sweat which will cause irritation. Babies skin is softer than adults.

1.Read the ‘label of instruction’ carefully

2. Wash in cold water, do not bleach as to retain original clothes shape

3. Turning the clothe inside out before washing in machine

4. As possible use air dryer

5. Buy only clothing that can washed at home to avoid dry cleaning as it uses chemicals

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