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Here is How to dress up kids during playtime

For children play time is like love, sunshine. But as parents, you always dress kids in the right clothing that can help protect him/her from sun exposure, mosquito bites. Here are some tips to follow while dress up your kid for playtime-

1. Use clothes with easy washing instructions

Play clothes are to be washed a lot .clothes are used during playtime. Play can be filled with various activities. One should stick with clothes that are easy to wash .usually use cold water and dry them.

2. Buy clothes in a bit larger size than needed

By buying clothes a bit larger than needed .these clothes seem to last for longer. They are also more comfortable and adjustable. Kids feel cozy and comfort in them.

how to dress up kids while playing
kids playing

3. Protect form Sun

Protect your child from harmful sun rays. You can dress up him/her up in light colored, loose fit clothes. Children’s most of the skin should cover.

4. Use clothes that can go on and off easily

The dirty clothes are removed by Kids frequently. One should avoid tricky buttons zippers etc. Clothes that make easy for kids to take off which makes life so much easier for them.

5. Breathable quality Fabric

Use pure cotton casual dress to cover skin. Cotton dress should be breathable fabric. At Reneetasales online shopping you will find all casual dress are made up of cotton fabric. Cotton T-shirts with pair of bottom float within the wind should be great for the playtime. One can choose sleeveless or short sleeves.

6. Protection from Mosquitoes

Choose to wear long sleeves shirts and pants to protect against mosquito bites. Use good quality mosquito repellent on the body or clothes to avoid mosquito.

7. Wear comfortable Shoes

You can go for flip-flop sandals in the summer, but sports shoes and sneakers are great for running and playing. They prevent form unnecessary obstacles.

8. Soft Cotton Socks

Always use cotton socks to absorb heat. Printed cotton stocks are always in for playing.

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