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10 Simple Ways To Teach Children How To Brush Their Teeth

Children love to learn new and fun ways to do everyday things. One for instance is brushing their teeth. They will tend to copy their parent as closely as possible to get it right. This article will show you a few easy ways to make brushing teeth fun and exciting for children.

1) Brush teeth as much as possible with your child.

kids tooth brush
10 Simple Ways To Teach Children How To Brush Their Teeth

Your child can mimic your brushing technique. Not only will the child brush better, but they will also have confidence in knowing that you as the parent as doing the same thing. They will know that they are doing it correctly.

2) Buy your child cute toothbrushes.

There are a lot of great looking children toothbrushes available in many stores. Be sure to choose a toothbrush that is small enough for your child to hold comfortably. It should preferably have a small, rounded head and very soft bristles. You will probably have to replace toothbrushes every three to four months. For babies, a soft finger toothbrush will be easy for you to use. Be sure to keep the toothbrush very clean between brushes.

3) Brush before bedtime each night in a regular routine.

Be sure to buy toothpaste that is safe to swallow. Practice brushing teeth before bedtime each night with your child and make it fun for them. They will remember this and automatically do this if you are not around.

4) Purchase tasty safe toothpaste.

For younger children under 3, it is best to choose toothpaste that is formulated especially for them. Be sure that it is safe to swallow and non abrasive. This will make tooth and gum care easier and more fun. The most popular flavor children use nowadays is bubble gum. A few more suggestions are strawberry, cherry, and even chocolate.

5) Have your children open wide when brushing.

As you help your child to brush, have them open wide and clean the teeth in the back of their mouth. It is essential to get this area because, if left unclean, their breath will suffer.

6) Count teeth while brushing.

As children count their teeth, it will make them feel a lot more confident. They will learn how to count better, as well as have a fun time cleaning for healthy teeth.

7) Include toys while brushing for more entertainment.

Keep in mind that the main focus is for them to have fun while cleaning teeth. The more fun they have, the more brushing they will want to do. This will ultimately result in healthier gums and teeth. You can bring in stuffed animals and action figures for them to play with.

8) Make a tooth brushing poster.

Each time your child concludes a successful brushing; they can choose a sticker and put it on the poster. You can also have your child color objects to remind them of the work they have accomplished.

9) Tell a fun tooth brushing story.

Kids love to hear fun and interesting stories repeatedly. Try making up a special short story that you tell only during tooth brushing time. Try to keep it short and targeted on teeth.

10) Create a fun tooth brushing song.

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